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Arrlowayne and Donna Williams

Arrlowayne and Donna Williams

George,Arrlowayne,Donna,and Vincel Williams.

Arrlowayne Williams and Vernon Cobb.

Adrian Johnson, Florence Johnson, Marion Johnson, Gladys Miller, and Arrlowayne Williams. Who is who I have no idea I assume the oldest boy is Adrian but the rest I have no idea nor the two children unnamed.

Donna Williams

Arrlowayne Williams

Katherine Sibert holding Vincel Williams. In front left to right Vivian (Donna) and Arrlowyne Williams.

George Williams holding Vince, Donna on the left and Arrlowayne on the right.

Arrlowayne, Vivian (Donna), and Vincel Williams.

Left to right
Vivian (Donna),Vincel,and Arrlowayne Willaims

Arrlowayne,Donna,and Vince Williams.

Arrlowayne Williams

George,Devillo,Arrlowayne,Donna,and Vincel Williams

Arrlowayne Williams 5th grade
School teacher was Miss Lee.

Arrlowayne Williams 7th grade
This picture was taken in 1937. The teacher was Mrs Vick and the photographer was Mr Seavy.

Bible School with Rev. Hoff

Arrlowayne,Donna,and Vince Williams

Arrlowayne Williams

Arrlowayne Williams
13years 11months

Arrlowayne at 14 years and in 8th grade
I do believe this was her 8th grade graduation picture and that date would be 05/26/1938

Arrlowayne Williams

Arrlowayne Williams

Norma Smith

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