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Arrlowayne at confirmation with the Williams first cousins
Confirmed at First Luthern Church, Decorah Iowa 06/05/1938 by Rev. Hoff. Left to right: Norma Spilde (Helmer & Alma's daughter); Mike Riste (Adolph & Myrtle's son); Arrlowayne (George & Devillo's daughter); Merlin (Martin & Grace's son); Lorraine Steine (Martin & Grace's daughter); and Irvin (Olaf & Cora's son), Seated is their Grandmother, Mathilda Williams. (Thanks to Vincel Williams for the correct names.)

Arrlowayne Williams confirmation class.
Below is the back of the picture with names.

Text on the back of the above picture.

Left to right: Arrlowayne Williams,Larry Gallaway,and Vivian (Donna) Williams.

Arrlowayne Williams and Edith Borseth

Arrlowayne Diederich

Peter Diederich and Arrlowayne Williams.

Arrlowayne Diederich

Left to Right: Arrlowayne Williams and Irene Rude.

Peter Diederich and Arrlowayne Williams.

Left to Right: Arrlowayne Williams,Peter Diederich, and Irene Rude

Moms Graduation Picture
This is Arrlowayne's graduation picture.

Another graduation picture of Arrlowaynes
Graduated from Decorah High School 05/07/1942

Geneva Solem

left to right Arrlowayne Williams Marion Galloway Donna Williams

Donna Williams, John Jensen , and Arrlowayne Williams.

Arrlowayne Williams

Peter Diederich and Arrlowayne Williams.
I think the boy with the bike in the background is Vincel Williams.

Arrlowayne Williams,Peter Diederich, and Irene Rude


Arin Elrie,Arrlowayne Williams, and Peter Diederich.

Donna graduation class

Donna Williams

This picture I am sure was taken in Bluffton
Left to right Devello Williams,Arrlowayne Williams,Ivison Sibert,and in the back seated on the porch Ada Sibert

Donna Williams

Donna Williams and Millie Galleer

Donna Williams

Vincel Willams

Marion Roberts.

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