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Gladys Murdock, Devillo Sibert, and Annetta OBrian.

Taken from williamsbook.blogspot.com courtesy of Mark D. Williams.
Sigvart and Mathilda WILLIAMS family, spouses, and grandchildren at 302 E. Broadway (Decorah, IA: Solberg, 1914). Front row from left: Glendon, Milton, Alfred, Olaf, Carlton, Stella, Clarence, Beatrice. Middle row: Leonard and Olga, Sigvart, Mathilda, Nellie, Ida (Paul's wife). Back row: George, John, Myrtle, Walter and Lillie, Hans Fagerlie, Martin, Paul, Alma, Albert. Image courtesy of Verla Williams.

George Williams at Confirmation
Thanks to Verla Williams who sent me this picture.

Alice Hagelisen and Devillo Sibert

George and Devillo
Wedding picture

Devillo Williams
Devillo was 16 years old at the time of this picture.

George and Devillo

Devillo Williams

Great grandpa Sibert, Adrain Johnson, and Ada Sibert.

Jim and Lydia Johnson, I.L. Sibert, and the minister at preston.

George Williams

George Williams

Ivison and Katherine Sibert

On the back of the picture it says to Mrs. Gram from baby Arrlowayne and Grandma Sibert.

Arrlowayne at 6 weeks of age
I think this is Grandma, Katherine Sibert holding Arrlowayne. The other little girl is likely either Marion or Florence Johnson, daughters of Lydia Johnson who was a sister of Devello Williams. (again thanks to Vincel for this info)

Gram Sibert, Florence Johnson, and Arrlowayne Williams
This picture confirmed by the text of the back is the people named above

Katherene Sibert and Arrlowayne Williams

The Ladys
This is Gram Sibert,Gram Murdock,Devillo Williams, and Arrolowayne Williams.

Seated Grandma Murdock. Standing left to right Ada Sibert,Lydia Johnson,Grandma Sibert,Grandpa Sibert, and Devello Williams holding Arrlowayne Williams.

George and Arrlowayne Williams

Arrlowayne at 1 year

Arrlowayne at 1 year
The other girl I am pretty sure is Florance Johnson.

Arrlowayne at 2 years old

Arrlowayne Diederich

Arrlowayne Diederich

Arrlowayne with Grandma and Grandpa Williams
Sigvert,Mathilda,and Arrlowayne Williams

Age unknown

Arrlowayne Williams

Devillo and Arrlowayne Williams

Arrlowayne at 2 years 11 months

Arrlowayne Williams and Norma Spilde.
Arrlowayne was 2 years and 11 months old.

Arrlowayne Williams

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