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Arrlowayne and unknown pet
This pictue was in Arrlowaynes baby book under the pets page. The pet unfortunately cant be identified as its viewed from the rear.

George Williams and Arrlowayne Williams.

Arrlowayne Williams.

Arrlowayne Williams

Arrlowayne Williams and Norma Spilde

Arrlowayne Williams

Arrlowayne Diederich and Billie Holmberg.

Arrlowayne Williams

Left to right: Arrlowayne Williams,and Norma Spilde.

Arrlowayne at 3 years
This is somewhat confusing as the picture I have posted as 2 years 11 months and this one according to her baby book appear to be much longer then one month appart.

Arrlowayne Williams

The girls are Arrlowayne and Donna Williams. The boys are Bernard Jerry and Lowell BLackburn.

The caption on this picture lists it as Arrlowayne Williams, Donna Williams,and the Blackburn boys.

At the river.
Alma Spilde,Kate Sibert,Myrtle Riste,Florence Johnson, Myron Riste,Violet Riste,Richard Riste, Norma Spilde,Melba Williams,Arrlowayne Williams,and Donna Williams.

Melba Williams, Arrlowayne Williams, and Norma Spilde.

Melba Williams, Arrlowayne Williams, and Norma Spiilde

Arrlowayne at 4 years old

Richard Riste,Violet Reste,Myron Riste,Arrlowayne Willaims,Norma Spilde,Florence Johnson,Virgina Holmberg,Roger Holmberg,Billie Holmberg,and Connie Bean.

Left to right: Florance Johnson,Grandma Sibert,Vivian (Donna) Williams,and Arrlowayne Williams.

Katherine Sibert, Marion and Florence Johnson, Arrlowayne and VIvian (Donna) Williams

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