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This page will contain the Diederich pictures after the marriage of Pete and Arrlowayne some of which my knowledge of is incomplete. These will be going up in random order as I am posting them as I find them. Should I make a mistake please forgive me and dont hesitate to email me with corrections. If any one knows details or has a caption to any please email me


Pete and Arrlowaynes Wedding Pic
This is Pete and Arrlowaynes Wedding picture taken in 1945

Wedding Picture
Peter John Diederich,Arrlowayne Williams Diederich,Donna Williams Bjornstad,and August Hoffman.

Wedding Picture

Darla Diederich

Darla and Ken Gallaway

Darla Diederich

Peter Diederich
This caption says Centennial picture April 17, 1949.

Darlawayn,Jim, and Grandpa Sibert

Darla Diederich

Ann, Peter Darla, Jim Diederich and Grandma Jacobs

Darlawayne Diederich

Jim Diederich

Darla Diederich and Ricky Reuter

Grandma Diederich
Ann Diederich,Jim Diederich, and I am sorry to say no knowledge of who Grandma Diederich is holding in this picture. Taken to the best of my knowledge Eary in 1957.

Diederich family picture
Pete,Arrlowayne,Darla,and Jim

Darla Diederich and James Diederich


James Diederich

James Diederich
This picture was taken in the George and Dee Williams back yard. 1962

James Diederich

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