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This page will contain the Diederich pictures after the marriage of Pete and Arrlowayne some of which my knowledge of is incomplete. These will be going up in random order as I am posting them as I find them. Should I make a mistake please forgive me and dont hesitate to email me with corrections. If any one knows details or has a caption to any please email me


Arrlowayne and Darla
Arrlowayne and Darla at Craig and Lorie Ann's wedding

Arrlowayne and Kaitlyn

Arrlowayne and Jim
Darla and Tom's wedding 08/27/04

This is one of the last pictures of Arrlowayne. This is her Saturday Breakfast bunch: (left to right) Christina Rich,Kathryn Dix,Adeline Whiteside,Arrlowayne Diederich

May 12th 2007

Grand Kids arrangement

May 12 2007

May 24 2009

May 24 2009

Kenny and Mary MCCormick

Ada Sibert and Brownie

John Yarwood Jim Diederich and Jeff Bjornstad

Craig Hunt and Pedro

Marlin Sullivan

Don McCormick and Garlin Morris

George Williams Arrlowayne and Peter Diederich

Arrlowayne and Jim Diederich
Photo developed Feb 1956

Left to right Darlawayne Arrlowayne James Diederich and Rick Reuter.

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