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This page contains the pictures of the Larry and Wendy Henry family.

Anyone with corrections or captions or if you have other pictures of interest please email me.


Wendy Grade 8 14 years old

Left to right Wendy Mincks Joyce Cronin and Pam Spencer

Larry Jr.

Christina 9 and a half weeks old

Larry Henry

Christina Henry 11 weeks old

Larry Henry Jr
6 years old 1st grade

Left to right Randy Henry Marge Mincks Sandra Reicks and Wendy Henry

Chris Henry 2 years and 8 weeks old 1975

Larry Jr.

Larry Henry Jr. First picture

Christina Henry

Chris Henry age 9 3rd grade 1982

LawsonCole June 28 2004

Danielle Riehle 7 Dillon Riehle 4

Danielle Rose Riehle 7 1/2 years old

Larry Henry Jr.

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