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This page contains the pictures of the Thomas Krambeer family.

Anyone with corrections or captions or if you have other pictures of interest please email me.


Craig and Laurie Anne Krambeer
The wedding picture.

Darla and Teresa

Banner Williams
2005 age 3 years

Brett Krambeer

Sarah Krambeer
3 months

Craig and Sarah

Sarah Krambeer
6 mo old

Sarah Krambeer
12 months old

Sarah Krambeer

Rachel Krambeer

The Wedding Party

Christmas 2005
Sarah 5 Rachel 2

Sarah and Rachel Krambeer
This picture was taken in 2006

Sarah Krambeer

Tom and Darla's Wedding picture.


Sarah 7 Rachel 4

Tom and Darla Krambeer
May 12th 2007

Craig and Laurie Anne Krambeer
This picture was taken at moms funeral May 12th 2007.

Thomas Krambeer and Ellyn Diederich
Taken May 12th 2007.

Craig and Tyler Allen
Taken May 12th 2007

Allen Williams
May 12th 2007.

Nicole Krambeer and Rick Massey
Engagement picture. The wedding was held Nov. 3, 2007.

June 2009.

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