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This page will contain the Holkesvik pictures after the marriage of Steven Holkesvik and Mary Mincks. My knowledge of these pictures is incomplete. These will be going up in random order as I find them. Should I make a mistake please forgive me and dont hesitate to email me with corrections. If any one knows details or has a caption to any please email me


Christmas 2001???

Steve Holkesvik
November 2002

October 2002

Christmas 2002

Mary Holkesvik
Taken May 12th 2007

Steve Holkesvik and Jim Diederich
May 12 2007. Appears that at this point Jim has more hair then Steve :)

Mary Holkesvik
May 12 2007

Steve Holkesvik
Debating that all important question "Do I have enough beer at home?"

The Voigt Kids
Corri, Ali, and Jacob. Summer of 2006.

Corri, Ali, and Jacob
The date on this one is September 28 2007 but in the email sent to me listed it as the Summer off 2006.

Corri Cheerleading

Corrina Voigt
Corri getting up in the world LOL

Marea Christine Holkesvik
Spring of 2008

Marea Christine Holkesvik

Steve Holkesvik

Tessa Voigt, Mark Voigt, Corrina Voigt, and Nathan Frana.

April 2017

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