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Angel Diederich

Angel Diederich

Brittany Diederich
3 years old.

Angel Diederich
1 year old 2005

Amber Diederich
Taken Jan. 18 2007

Pictured left to right back to front: Rebecca Wilson,Anthony Diederich,Ellyn Diederich,Amber Diederich,James Diederich, and Brittany Diederich. Taken June of 2007

Ellyn Diederich and Thomas Krambeer
Picture taken May 12 2007 at moms funeral.

Jim Diederich and Steve Holkesvik
May 12th 2007 Appears to me Jim has more hair at this point then Steve :)

Ellyn Diederich and Karla Williams
May 12th 2007

Anthony Diederich and Becky Wilson
May 12th 2007

Brittany Diederich
School picture 2007-2008

July 2007

Brittany and Angel Diederich
July 8th 2008

Brittany Diederich
School Picture 2008

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