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This page will contain the Diederich pictures before the marriage of Pete and Arrlowayne most of which my knowledge of is incomplete. These will be going up in random order as I find them. Should I make a mistake please forgive me and dont hesitate to email me with corrections. If any one knows details or has a caption to any please email me


Grandma Anna Diederich and Great Uncle Nick Jacobs

This picture and the one above appear to have been taken on two different occasions. Grandma is wearing the same outfit but at different celebrations apparently years apart.

Joe Huegel

Betty Basche

Chris and Jayne Diederich

Bart and Betty Basche

Left to right Devillo Williams Anna Diederich Betty Basche and in the foreground Darlawayne Diederich

Jerry Huegel

Ionia Tornado

Dale Laurens

Frank Weiglein Jim Diederich Pete Diederich and on the other side of him Arrlowayne Diederich

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