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Marvin and Angelina on their wedding day.

Angelina and Grandma Mincks.

Marvin and Angelina and the wedding party.

The Hagen Kids.

April 23 2011

Dominic Andersen
4th grade 2012-2013 10years old

Jasmine Andersen
10th grade 2012-2013

Jenica Andersen
6th grade 2012-2013 11 years old

Degan Mincks,Damon Henry,and Dominic Mincks
April 13th 2013

March 2017

March 15 2017

May 2017

Angelina Mincks Hagen
June 2017

Angelina Mincks Hagen and Avalyne
December 12 2017

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